I ran Bounce in Cesium (kind of an accident Razz), with Cesium backup on. I pressed enter by accident (in the program), and it after displaying one ball on a black background, it blanked out for a few seconds, then gave a memory insufficient to preform calculations yada yada. But, it was now stuck in a quite infinite loop. Press ďQuitĒ, and get a new message. I tried turning it off, and it worked, but now I canít turn it back on. All this was fixed after resetting, however. My RAM had nothing in it, and I had over 1300K free space in Archive. I ran it again, and nothing happened, but I just want to point out that if memory errors occur in Cesium, you really canít exit them, because there also wonít be enough space to run Cesium. I donít know why this happened, and I canít reproduce it. (AFTER RAM resetting, I had over 1300K Archive).
Yeah because I haven't updated the bounce demo yet. I'll get around to it; I already know about this.
I've also seen the infinite memory error loop thingy on some other prgms, so, sorry to say this Mateo, but Cesium's broken...
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