SAX isn't working on my iPhone SE nor my Surface Book. It doesn't work with Firefox, safari, DuckDuckGo or Edge. It was working fine yesterday night. I've tried restarting the applications, restarting my devices, and refreshing the page.
The console outputs

XML parsing error : syntax error
Location :
Line number 1, column 50:

Is this just me? I would've assumed a topic like this would've be posted sooner if it was affecting everyone. Confused

Edit: I'm also getting storage errors when trying to post.
Just use IRC Smile

This is happening to me too though. Hopefully it gets fixed soon, and Iím sure it will, as I do still find sax very useful on occasion.
People who use sax are silly. Also it's called sax-ng.
I can't use IRC because my stupid WiFi blocks it; SAX is my only way to chat. Sad
Thanks for the helpful replies, Michael and Mateo, that really helps. Anyway, we're already aware of it, and hope to get it fixed soon. Why can't you connect to IRC? Did you try Freenode, Efnet, IRCCloud and more things?
With SAX, apparently PMs are broken as well. What could be the problem?
Server disk was full. I have remedied the problem.
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