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Hi, I'm not a someone who generally messes around with their calculator, but I saw some of the posts in this forum and thought some of you might know how to solve this problem. My TI-84 Plus Silver Edition is frozen. Whenever I turn it on, I get the "RAM Cleared" message. When I press Enter, I can dismiss the message. After that point, the calculator goes completely unresponsive. The cursor doesn't blink and any key I press, including On/Off and Enter, has no impact.

I've already changed all 4 batteries, as well as the lithium ion backup battery, so I have no idea what the problem is. Does anyone have any clues? If it helps, I used the calculator yesterday with no problems, and I haven't dropped the calculator since, so I doubt the problem is caused by physical damage.
Does the cursor really not blink at all, or does it just blink very slowly (like once every 10 seconds)? A very (but not totally) unresponsive calculator can happen if something like a broken pencil tip gets stuck in the serial link port (the round one, on the top-left). Not actually sure how one would best go about getting something like that out, though.

Otherwise, my suggestion as to a good first attempt at a solution would be to try to resend the OS in case it somehow got corrupted. Provided you have a computer-to-calc link cable, a computer with TI Connect (or TI Connect CE) installed, and an 84+ OS file, plug the calculator into your computer. Pull out one of the AAA batteries and re-insert it while holding DEL. This should reboot the calculator into an OS receive mode. Ideally, it will be detected by TI Connect and you can try sending the OS.
I got ninja'd but I'll post anyways. I dont have a monochrome calculator myself, but from my experience here you either need to reinstall your OS or you have something stuck in your I/O port (the thing that looks like a mini headphone jack). See if you can clean out the I/O port, if it doesn't work then you need to try to reinstall the OS.
Press and hold [2nd]+[del] then while holding them, press the reset button on the back of the calculator (if it doesn't have a reset button then replace then just reinsert a battery while holding down [2nd]+[del])
You may not get it the first try but when you do your calculator should say something like "waiting for OS" that's when you send the OS again. A tutorial on how to install an OS is here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Alvim2OqQa8
Runer112 and TheLastMillenial, I did what you suggested yesterday, and the calculator was working as expected. However, when I started to use it today, it became completely unresponsive again. What else can I do?

EDIT: Runer112, the cursor does not blink at all.
Please do not double post within 24 hours. The edit button is there for a reason Wink. (Instead of saying a person's name, you can quote them, or not mention them at all, but it's ok, if you prefer to do that).

Can you list exactly what things you've tried? Since it started working, and then stopped, I would think that the batteries are almost dead. Try putting in fresh batteries and see if that changes anything. (If FRESH batteries don't work, then it's probably something wrong with the OS, but if you've reinstalled that, I don't know anymore.) TLM++
Runer just reminded me of something, if you get your calculator to a working state, immediately press [mode]>[alpha]>[S]
This will start self test. Please tell us if your calculator fails any tests and exactly what it said.
Edit: here's a video on how it works. The monochrome calculator versions function differently but they perform the same tests, they just don't let you pick and choose which test to perform.
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