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I was trying out a certain notes program written in BASIC and I was super hyped to try out my external keyboard with it (using an adapter). Unfortunately it didn't work which confused me so I made a quick program that would return the getKey value when a key was pressed. It worked (thankfully) with the built in keypad but whenever I tried to use the keyboard it wouldn't return a getKey value!

I was wondering if there is a trick yet to get the keyboard to return a getKey value or will I have to wait for the USB to get documented before that'll be possible? Would TI's own keyboard work?

EDIT: the keyboard works perfectly on the homescreen, program edit menu, etc so the keyboard is working.
Thanks for attempting this with my program Smile It may be important to know, though, what model keyboard are you using? And what adapter?
Yeah... I thought USB was needed? What else can this said keyboard be used for? To expand on this, iirc, USB libs are needed to interface keyboard, so what have you been able to do with this?

If this is the case and it's not the TI keyboard, I might do this too... Up my nerdiness level next school year Razz
This is *NOT* the TI keyboard. TLM used an adapter to connect a computer keyboard to the calculator. He can type on the home screen, program menu, and catalog, but not in BasicNoteCE. (Side note to TLM: I already published a GetKey value finder in the archives. One for Basic, and one for ICE Razz) He is wondering what the GetKey values are for the keyboard keys. Hope I cleared things up a little.

What USB libs are you talking about? There isn't any such thing that I know of. Keyboard+adapter+calc=60 wpm on a calculator! (TLM made a video and showed it to me a while ago). I don't remember what cable he used, but I remember a "G" somewhere in it's name Razz.

SM84CE: You should read the whole thing first Razz
Lol yeah... So a usb adapter for the calc and a keyboard? I just need to convince the gateway to Amazon... I mean, my dad Razz
The TI 84 family all have support for HID (Human Interface Device) devices. Therefore it can communicate with basic external hardware through the USB. My keyboard is a Logitech K120 which is about as basic as you can get. Razz
I used an OTG mini-USB male to USB A female for my adapter.
I since I can't the keyboard to return getKey values, I was wondering if there was a way to make it return a value without needing the USB driver Mateo and Jacobly are working on.
well... my adapter's in the mail... but the latest it'll arrive is Jul 18, earliest: Jun 10th Razz

What other HID devices have you tried?
Tried a Mouse, as expected, even with an app that uses a mouse cursor, it failed.
I tried a flash drive (before I knew it was futile), it failed.
I tried a USB fan, it kinda failed, but you can view more about that here.
I may have tried more, but I don't remember right now.
Fans aren't HID devices Razz

I saw that... next, you should try a jet engine Razz
***SM84CE runs

Yeah, flash drives won't work without the USB drivers, same with mice?
You can't just plug things in and expect them to work.

They have to be running on the same amount of power, using the same communication standard. This is why, say, mouse drivers on your computer exist. They take the output from the mouse and convert it into something the computer can understand. More often than not, this requires unit conversion and cheaty hacks.

I don't think a keyboard or similar would do any good attached to a calc anyways. My poor CE can barely keep up with my on-calc typing speed, imagine what it would be like on a real keyboard. I don't know about you, but I can type much faster on that keyboard. My overall typing speed would suffer, because I would have to go back and correct skipped keys.

If I really needed this, I have CEmu, which can handle my key presses better than my actual hardware.

And besides, the keys on the CE are so satisfying to press. It's part of the "character" of the calc. Why ruin this Razz
SM84CE wrote:
Fans aren't HID devices

0x5 good point, I ran out of HID devices so I started plugging in other things I probably should've clarified that.

And _iPhoenix_, the calculator actually keeps pace with the keyboard pretty well. It's not technically 'ruining' the keypad since the keyboard is optional. Besides, nothing can beat a mechanical keyboard and buying a separate mechanical keyboard rather than buying a new laptop with one built in (for CEmu) is a lot easier and cheaper! Razz
Don't you dare say, 'but what about desktops running CEmu' : P
But what about desktops running CEmu?

***SM84CE runs

Flash drives aren't HID's, they're computer interface devices Razz
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