Hi I forgot how to put a variable in a display command on the same line. The code looks like this:

:Input "(?,?)",A
:Disp "("+A+",?)"
You can't use Disp to put variables on the same line as text (at least not without converting to a string first)
You need to use Output and specify the location as the first line (or whichever you are using)
You could do this...
:Disp "(?,?)"

this will print (2,?) if A is 2, for example. But it won't work for anything other than single digits.
In your case, you want a string variable, not a real type variable.


Disp "Coord Pair (X, Y)"
Input "X = ",Str0
Input "Y = ",Str1
ClrHome .      // optional
Str2 = "("+Str0+", "+Str1+")"
Disp Str2

TI-Basic doesn't really let you display text and variables together, but you can do this through string concentation.
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