Hi everyone,

long time since I made a post, I upgraded fro TI 84 silver ot TI 89 recently.

Was wondering how to program on it, I am unfamiliar with it.

I want to implement physical chemistry formulas as a program but am unsure how to do that on here the ui looks different from my TI 84.

For exam the formula ln(K2/K1)= [-(delta H nought/R) [(1/T_2) - (1/T_1)]]

If anyone can give me a basic idea that would be great.

The manual for the 89 is very comprehensive (nearly 1000 pages!) and should be a sufficient resource, especially if you're already somewhat familiar with programming on the 83+ series.
There are a few things to keep in mind when transitioning to 68k BASIC from 84 BASIC:
    >Variables can handle all variable types. No more L1-L6 or [A] through [J] or Str1 through Str0.

    >Variables can be up to eight letters long.

    >You can write your own functions in the program editor. This means that the code runs identically to a program, but returns whatever value is in Ans once it ends. It also doesn't use the PrgmIO page.

    >Functions and programs can take arguments. In fact, you can't run a program without ending the program name with parenthesis. To have it take arguments, simply include the variables to take in the first line of the program, in the syntax that you'd run the program or function.

    >You can (and should!) make heavy use of local variables in programs, but especially functions. Using the Local VAR1,[VAR2] command, you create a variable local to that function that is deleted after it completes, and does not interfere with existing variables of the same name. Functions can only edit local variables.

    >Text is ASCII based, not token based. That means Disp is five characters, not one.

    >Frustratingly, there are almost ten kinds of "End" commands, each specific to the loop or conditional they connect to. They are named accordingly, such as EndIf or EndFor.

    >68k calcs are insanely capable and complicated, but don't do something that you don't know what the result will be. I recommend skimming the TI-89 manual to understand it's capabilities and features (Folders, special commands, graphing modes, split screen, etc.) It's imperative to know your calculator with a machine as capable as yours.
Hi everyone,

thank you all for replying and giving me tips and resources such as the manual.

I sincerely appreciate this and will post should I need further help with programming.

I am not a programmer or compsci major student, I study biochemistry and molecular biology but will try my best stab with programming.


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