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Hey! I discovered a new problem. I was doing an update of some mac software (not OS X), and after it finished downloading, it said that I need to log out of all other user accounts on the mac. Well, there was only one account, the admin account. I looked in settings again to check. I was right. Any ideas? Is this still the virus?
I have decided not to waste so much time on this. if I get all the stuff off the mac, I'll reset it and try again. If not, I'll get a new computer. I have one, but it's in another country at the moment. If you know of any good ideas to do this without resetting it, let me know. Also, will an update somehow delete/remove the virus? I'm also going to bring the mac to the Apple store, but I don't know how much they can help.
You don't have a virus. You have user error, 99% of what most people say is a "virus". Since you haven't told us what software, we can't help much.
I already stated that before. macOS X 10.9.5. Trying to update to 10.13.3 (or .4). I downloaded the disk image with the OS on it from the apple website accessed with Chrome. It has ~50 GB of free space.

If itís a user error, then where did I make a mistake, and how do I do it correctly?

If I download the disk image and open it, it says that itís corrupted. If I install from the App Store, it will always say that the server canít be contacted, or some other error. Where did I go wrong?

I use the computer for 80% of my homework. If I canít update it, Iíll probably use another computer or get another one. I need to know so I can know what to do.
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