timedia wrote:
gbc4nspire does not work on hw rev W+ (I have an AB) but gpSP works fine

Since January 30th 2017 at 19:34, gbc4nspire has been compatible with hw revisions W+
Version history wrote:
v0.93 (?) (by Vogtinator)
Fix HW-W+ compatibility mode

Besides, his nspire has a little bit of white on the top left corner. The plastic around the screen tends to weaken over time, and I'd say with a corner like that, it was probably manufactured before Jan 2016.
I have an AB and gbc4nspire does not work, it just says no rom images even when I loaded a .gbc file
Guess what? He let me borrow them for the weekend! Very Happy
I've been mostly messing around with the classpad, it's been quite fun.

I also put PacMan on the Nspire. Razz

Updated his OS (with his permission) from 4.3 to 4.5
Got Ndless installed.
Ndless is the best (good job 4.3 is really old), maybe try gpSP or gbc4nspire?
Make them into a cluster for HPC purposes.
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