I like to use Sourcecoder 3 a lot, (For the TI-84+ Silver Edition) and I noticed there is a sprite editor that pops up every time I use Text(. If I design a sprite, it makes a large integer, which Text( displays. It does not make the sprite I made.

I want to be able to use this feature if possible.

If not, how else can I create title screen sprites fast without downloading picture variables onto my calculator?
I'm new to these forums and don't know much about Sourcecoder 3, but hopefully this link will be useful to you
This is because with most libraries, sprites are put in strings, so defining a string brings up the sprite editor, however, the text() command alone won't display the sprite. If you want to display the sprite in pure basic using the text() command, you can use text sprites. I created a nice tool which allows users to draw in a small canvas and converts that drawing into code that displays that sprite as a text sprite.
Here is a link to that.
Shameless plug
This being said, that is not the reason why the sprite editor appears in SC3. SC3 makes it appear for use with libs like ICE, xLIB, celtic, etc.
(yes, for some reason there is a sprite command in celtic II, I think it is det(9,8...))
It makes it easy to draw and convert that into hex, but you can't use them easily in a pure basic program.
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