I haven’t had much of a chance to stay updated on what goes on here on Cemetech. What I’ve been working on and what has “occured to me” while I was gone:

1. Updated Cesicon
(My Cesium/DCS9 Icon Creator) (that’s not what I’m going to be discussing in this post though)

2. Created the Game Engine CE BETA:
I am in stage 3 (Selective Beta Release of Game Engine CREATOR SECTION—>I Will Be Adding More Features Based on Suggestions Left In This Post—>I am DONE WITH THE DECODER SECTION of the Program (That allows users to “call” my program and to turn the string back into 3 matrixes.

The Download Links For My Work Can Be Found On My Website:
The Download Link For Game Engine (Not Actually Limited To Just Games) is Here:
Many people seem to misunderstand what this program is actually for, therefore, I have created an update on my website.


All Suggestions on What To Add Will Be Tested (Very Seriously) and will be implemented as soon as I add a way to implement them. This means that I will implement any properties that the public wants their points to have (I may even add a custom-Property Section)

If you do not understand exactly what this program if for and how it works please feel free to ask (I will answer all questions) or await the documentation (which will be released as noted in the link above.
coolcrab123 (SθR)
Are you still working on did?
Do have any screen shots???
Alvajoy123 wrote:
Are you still working on did?
Do have any screen shots???

Yup, I'm about to Upload
Edit: I am having trouble getting past the Admin control for uploading files so just in case I am not able to upload my file here, which was the case with Maze 2, you can get a download by accessing my website or emailing me:
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