This may be hard to do but I was wondering if someone could make an app where when activated, typing "While A!=5:Input A:End" in the homescreen would work. It'd make debugging and testing super easy as well as viewing values via libraries easier. Such as xLIBC uservars. (This is a request for the CSE, but feel free to make it for both the CSE and CE.)
I know this is a thing for the 83/83+, so it will probably be possible for the CSE and CE.
It doesn't have to be an app. You can make a program, in basic, asm or c, that could do what you want.
From whjat I understand of an insightful discussion with Jacobly, Tari and Iambian yesterday, it appears that the iy+8 flag gets unset after the execution of programs. This makes sense because it is what prevents you from using prog tokens on the homescreen, which is what ti wants, but toggling it in a program like this:

   ld a,(iy+8)
   xor %00000010
   ld (iy+8),a

would be useless because it will get unset immediately after. That being said, I'm not sure why this used to work for older calculators, unless they used to toggle it and now the just unset it... A more astute asm coder would surely be able to be more helpful.
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