Ladies and gents, due to an unexpectedly full disk and a later typo, you may have experienced some slight website and SAX downtime today, and you might experience some more later if we need to do any further fixes. We'll do our best to minimize any downtime and alert you ahead of time when possible. Please let us know if you encounter any site problems, especially database-related issues like error message or missing forum posts. Thanks for your patience

Thank you kindly, sir, for jumping in and getting this problem taken care of! You da man. Smile

(Seems posts aren't being pushed to SAX? Not sure if intentional or not)
That is not intentional. Let me see if I can fix that. We're also discussing the postmortem of today's problems and solutions to figure out if it was handled as well as possible (we work hard behind the scenes to make things smooth for you guys!).
I thought my chromebook at school was being buggy, but turns out it wasn't. I hope this isn't too serious. Cemetech is becoming a second home!Very Happy
hahahahahahahahahahhahhahah rekt
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