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Glad to hear that it was a nice day, Mateo. Did you get any good presents and/or CAKE?
allynfolksjr wrote:
Hey everyone by the way you can't just post "Happy birthday." Here at cemetech it's regularly bashed into my head that "quality over quantity" is the overriding philosophy. Please expand on your birthday wishes. Thanks.
Actually, you'll notice that most people posted more complex sentiments than just "Happy Birthday"! Thanks for keeping an eye on the quality of posts.
Happy birthday again, Mateo! Hope you had a nice day with snow and stuff Wink
Hoppy borthdoy!

Go eat TLM's cake.
Merry birthday!
You can not have my cake! Not because it's a lie, but because you are MateoConLechuga, not MateoConPastel!

Have this instead:

Happy birthday, Mateo! Have a birthday card which I totally did not steal off the internet!
Happy Birthday!
(Annual Personal Cake day)Razz

Thank you for all of you, and your helpfulness too! Very Happy
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