Hey! So, I'm on a TI-84 + CE. I was using Notes through cesium (I have backups enabled) and as i was exiting cesium, my calculator's screen turned grey then it reset my ram. I know that Cesium kept a backup.... How do I recover?
You can't recover a backup. I told Mateo about that, but he didn't respond. If your program crashes while in Cesium, and you reset it, nothing will happen, otherwise, your ram is CLEAN. Sad
Have you touched anything with the calculator; such as letting it power down or run Cesium again? If so; I'm sorry to say that there is no way to recover. I'll try to locate the bug and fix it so that it doesn't cause issues again. I hope that nothing too important was lost. Sad
Was Notes archived before use and if so just redownload cesium and you may find it on your calc. If not, best of luck!

(Note for Mateo: Check your PMs)
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