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Coder vs Programmer
 3%  [ 1 ]
 96%  [ 26 ]
Total Votes : 27

I personally despise the terms ‘coder’ and ‘coding’.

To me, it seems more suited for someone who works in cryptography, and therefore makes it seem that what we do, programming, excessively difficult to learn and use, which (usually) is not the case.

It also seems less ‘professional’ or ‘formal’ to me, and that drives me nuts (for some unbeknownst reason).

Programming, to me, is simply a more clear word for what someone who writes instructions for a computer does. They are writing programs, routines for the computer to run, not code, which has the alternate definition of something that is deliberately designed to be difficult to understand.

I think ‘code’ makes sense in a lot of places, like ‘lines of code’ or ‘writing code’. But in my opinion, ‘coder’ is simply the wrong term.

This is just my $0.02, but I’m interested in what you guys think. Do you prefer ‘programmer’, ‘coder’, or something entirely different?
Landslide victory, i see Very Happy
c4ooo wrote:
Landslide victory, i see Very Happy

No kidding!
Although I prefer the term Programmer, the dictionary doesn't show any different between the two terms.
WordWeb Dictionary wrote:
(computing) a person who designs and writes and tests computer programs

EDIT: A few loose synonyms it found were: cracker, cyber-terrorist, cyberpunk, and hacker.
Ima call myself a cyberpunk! Razz
Programmer sounds way more professional, which is why I prefer it.

I'm just waiting for that one user to vote coder Shock
I don't like how programming sounds when I say "I'm a programmer." It's more professional, sure, and I guess this is my altruism speaking, but it feels more brag-heavy than coder. I won't say "I'm a coder" specifically, instead "I write code" or "I'm a software engineer," and by using the simpler word I'll sound sillier so it looks like I'm not bragging.

Like I understand why people don't like "coder," I think the hate comes from its recent overuse and the fact its etymology is lazy:

"Hey, what do you do?" "I code" "Oh, so you're a coder..."

It's like the first word you think of to describe the action, making it sound dull and uninspired. If that makes sense!! No offense to my "coder" bros! <3
Coder and coding is now useless, thanks to Twitter increasing the tweet lenght to 280 characters.
How about "software developer"?

There's a lot more to creating software than writing source code.
I definitely prefer "programmer" over "coder", but I agree with CtrlEng - "software developer" is probably more accurate again. That's what I tend to say if people ask what kind of computer work I do, it's either "software development" or "database development".
I totally agree, but this is "as if you had to pick being called one of the two."
Well, it wasn't, until I realized how much of an idiot I was by leaving that one out :P
I've never thought about it before and I used both terms interchangeably.
So I'll vote 'coder' to be that one guy. Very Happy

My justification is that my programs are so messy and impossible to understand that they look like code ahaha
~give Minxrod ban Wink

Technically, programs are still code...yet a program gives it a more formal feel to it, in my opinion.
The entire reason I am asking is because they named me the “lead coder” in a club I’m a part of, and were surprised when I cringed, which was partially due to:
1) “eww coder”
2) “eww leadership”
3) “eww omfg they are making me work with another human being”
4) “I just wanna write programs, but you have to waste time telling me that I am ‘superior’ in programming talent? I already knew that. I’m the only one here who has written ANY code, at all.”

Not to mention, this is a “coding group”, we are referred to as “coders”, and all we are allowed to do in the ~90 minutes we meet every week is “coding”

When you say "coding" like that, all I do is cringe. It just doesn't roll off the tongue like programmer. (?)
Unicorn wrote:
When you say "coding" like that, all I do is cringe. It just doesn't roll off the tongue like programmer. (?)

Yep. It simply drives me nuts.
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