Did you get a response from your email...? (to ticalc.org?)
Razz Not yet. They always take forever though.
Not always, I sent in an inappropriate file report, and recieved a response the next day... Smile
Yeah, well, those are the exceptions, because those go straight to the admin CP instead of to some random email account.
BASIC Code wrote:
:DelVar PFor(A,1,4
:Repeat K=21
:Repeat max(K=21,24,25,26,34,105
:R+(K=34)-(K=25)-4(K=34 and R=4)+4(K=25 and R=1→R
:C+(K=26)-(K=24)-16(K=26 and C=16)+16(K=24 and C=1→C
:If K=105
: P+1-4(P=3→P
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Take that! Smile
Laughing That's exactly mine, plus all the chars you can get anyway. Very Happy
Razz Mine has four way scrolling and 64 characters are shown at a time.
I meant the characters available for use. Smile
Did they ever reply to your email??
No, good point. Lemme resend it.
You would probably have better luck with the inappropriate file box...
Oh, good call. Even better. *done*
Yay! Very Happy They finally got it right! Very Happy


I also had them merge my older star trek file with the newer one, so my stats are a bit more accurate...
They still didn't merge the final 2 DCS repeats in the archives per my request. :/ Something1990 noticed that you used some Symbols2.0 symbols in Pokemon?
umm, one thus far. I haven't released to the main sites yet, so I will make sure to include that in the documentation. Thank you for reminding me. Wink
No no, I wasn't hinting around. I was just saying that it was cool it was getting used. Yay capital omega! :"
No, no, it needs to be put in there, to help give some publicity for that program. Wink I thought about putting the zipped file of the prog in there, but I will just post some links to where they can get it... Smile
Cool. I'm glad they finally got that fixed though. Publicity is always good. :
You also used the right facing arrow.
huh? Oh yeah, that's right. duh... Razz

I have plans for a lot more of those characters though, they just haven't been programmed in yet... Wink
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