This seems to be a rare bug, but sometimes when I go to the Archives, the icons next to the file directories and file names are really small or missing entirely. I haven't been able to purposefully replicate it, but a few YouTube commenters have reported that there wasn't an icon next to the file name.

I have no idea what platforms any of them were using (they never replied to me) but I'm using:
Windows 10 pro
Edge (I haven't tried any other browser)
3000x2000 screen resolution
It happens to me when Iím on mobile, or when my browser window is so small, it thinks Iím on mobile.

Have you tried reloading the page, deleting cache, ETC?
I can also say that I only really experience this on the Edge browser. Most others seem to work fine; but I cannot be 100% certain on that.
Confirmed, but only if you have a rather small screen, they start becoming smaller and smaller, or will indeed disappear.


Evil or Very Mad
This is caused by some annoying padding between the element enclosing the image and the image itself. Even on a 72 dpi screen, the icon is shown at 11x11 rather than its "natural" 16x16 size. The solution would be to expand the width of that td element to ~64px.
Can confirm this also happens in Opera.
I always use Chrome because it works the best with everything, I have not found this bug.
john35588 wrote:
I always use google because it works the best with everything, I have not found this bug.

What?! Google isn't just a search engine now? Do you mean Chrome? Wink
This has been fixed a few days ago. I will lock the topic for now, as it's being solved; if you still think it's a bug, feel free to poke an admin to re-open it.

Note to self: the icons of a file in the Archives are now really small, I will try to fix that as soon as possible.
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