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Cemetech has a long standing belief in "Quality Over Quantity". In that we prefer posts with content and thought but we knew that not every post would follow this format, especially when it came to suggestions and reports. Our legacy method of submitting these suggestions and reports was created just a 12 years and a few days ago, actually. Those two topics hold 78 pages and 1,534 posts between them, which does wonders for keeping low quality posts in one area but it's not really useful at showing us the discussion for each suggestion or report. With this change, we'll increase the quantity of topics but hopefully also the quality of the suggestions and the bug reports as well. It will also make it easier to search for any suggestions and reports before you post yours.

Over the last few months it has become pretty clear that we need to update how we receive suggestions and reports. We discussed a few options over that time. Now, while we realize this isn't an ideal solution it is presently the best solution. Without further ado, let me introduce you to the new Website Suggestions and Bug Reports sub-forums under Website. "Website" held the prior topics for Suggestions and Bug Reports, so these new sub-forums will be in a familiar and intuitive place.

So, what's new?
We are encouraging you to create topics for your Suggestions and Bug Reports in the appropriate sub-forums. We ask that you follow the announcement at the top of the sub-forums on how to create a quality suggestion or report. It's not required that you follow this format but it'll help us understand the nature of each suggestion and the details behind each bug report.
What happens to the legacy topics?
Nothing for now. I've locked those topics but they remain stickied and easy to find. Eventually we'll drop their sticky status and those topics will sink down to other pages.

I submitted a suggestion and/or a bug report a few days ago. What now?
Feel free to create a topic for it!

What about SourceCoder and jsTIfied suggestions and bug reports?
We'll try this out for a while and then take what we've learned and apply that to those services next. In the meantime, those should still be posted in their respective topics. But I won't stop you if you preface suggestions and bug report topics with [SC], [EMU], or something in the sub-forums above ;)
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