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Saw a cool cloud and took a picture of it with my phone.

However my phones camera is pretty bad so I grabbed my good camera. Unfortunately it took me a while to find it and the clouds had moved a bit. Nevertheless I thought it looked pretty cool, especially after I fiddled with the photo settings a bit.

Freaking power lines though Mad
It's still a cool cloud! I really love white puffy clouds so it's cool to see photos of them. Were these taken near sunset or sunrise? I love the orange glow inside of them.
Thanks! This was taken just as sunset was starting. I too love the colors, although I did bring them out a little bit with editing.
Week #2 of my double vacation, took these photos! Over the next few days I'll be location scouting for my Eclipse landscape. I do not intend to take this as one photo. I'll be taking a photo of the landscape then a second photo of the eclipse. I really like doing everything in camera but for something like this, I don't think it'll be possible. I'll certainly take a landscape photo during the eclipse but merely for a comparison.

Chipmunk Engagement by Alex Glanville, on Flickr

Waterfall by Alex Glanville, on Flickr
Oh well, I've got 2 weeks vacation, and of course I've shot a bunch of photo's, so here are the nicest one in my opinion. Click on each pic to enlarge it (my mobile takes freaking big photo's Razz)



A small ICE and a big ICE! This is amazing; thank you for sharing.
Looks like it was a good vacation!
I am back from vacation too! I took a whopping total of 1289 images, of which I wish to share 24 here. They are in no way edited, straight out of the camera. I will hopefully enhance them over the course of the next days or weeks and either edit this post or make a new one or make nothing if I don't see a point in it.

Let's go on the ride (thanks to PT_ for the thumbnail idea!):

Please go harsh and nitpicky on me about the image's composition and overall quality and whatever else you find worth mentioning, this is the only way I'll do it better next time. Wink Oh, and don't forget to mention if an image is, in at least your opinion, not even worth sharing as a good photograph. I had trouble selecting those 24, and it is still a bit too much. I will gladly remove at least a third of them. Thanks!
That's really awesome Nik! Makes me want to go travel right this instant =D
Nik:That fog around the mountain makes for a really cool atmospheric picture. Also, good shot on that lizard!

PT: Those waterfall pics are great, did you bring a tripod with you? Where did you go? Those landscapes are pretty great!
California got some real weather recently. I wasn't going to photograph the lightning because I was convinced I'd have to drive somewhere to get a good photo and I didn't really want to drive somewhere high to then get struck by lightning. So, I stayed home. One of my friends texted me a photo he took from his front yard and wanted to know if I was getting any. I said no then he convinced me to get outside.

And everyone, it was something. I walked out and to a local park and there was lighting in every direction but the West. I shot with a 14mm lens since I wanted to capture the most sky. I had some troubles as I'd point the camera East then a flash would be to the North and wouldn't be in the frame. I'd notice there's a bunch of activity to the North so I point my camera that way then a bolt happens to the East.

This photo is cropped quite a bit, maybe to a fourth of it's original size because there was a lot of negative space. Cropping it in allowed me to show off the rain that's pouring down with the bolt of lightning.

I'm not a photo expert but it was my understanding that lightning has to complete a circuit, and that circuit is usually the Earth. Yet, this photo doesn't show any branch of lightning making contact with the ground, or anything on the ground. Could it have hit a plane? This is not a split second photo, this was exposed for 13 seconds and this bolt happened about half way through. My only gripe with this photo is that it's a bit out of focus. BUT, I get to cross lightning off my photo bucket list.

I still want to photograph it. One day I'll be ready and drive to a spot to capture it. Hopefully the lightning will be concentrated to one area so I can frame the photo rather than shoot on a wide angle lens, crop the photo, and deal with distortion.

Lightning by Alex Glanville, on Flickr
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