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The list:
    Removal of support for interrupt mode 2 on hardware revisions >= I
    Removal of OFFSCRPT/ONSCRPT support in OS 5.3
    No support in any form for assembly programming, even though it is advertised
    Hiding away of application signing keys for whatever pointless reason
    Use of 2nd type byte in programs listed in the VAT

Today there's some sad news; TI has broken either by accident or on purpose support for mode 2 interrupts. This basically means that user programs can no longer use custom interrupt handling; which is super unfortunate. However, interrupts are still usable within z80 mode via im 1 if you wish to take the assembly route solution.

Affected Revisions: Revision I manufactuerd on 3/2017 and later.

Technical findings: (courtesy of jacobly)

Interrupts in Mode 2 perform exactly the same as Mode 0 interrupts.

What this means:
I will be pulling interrupt support from the toolchain and getting it released as soon as possible. In addition; Oiram will need to be modified to not use interrupts; which will be more pain than I care to deal with.

Lessons to be learned:

TI is both incompetent and dumb. Not only did they fail to fix any of the hundreds of actual security issues, they removed a crucial part of assembly programming. Whoever is behind the development team deserves the boot.
Super lame news. Thanks for sharing.
Does this mean that Oram will not function on newly manufactured CE's ?
Pieman7373 wrote:
Does this mean that Oram will not function on newly manufactured CE's ?

Feel free to read for yourself:

Some good news regarding Oiram, at least: it turns out Mateo was able to edit the code quickly so as not to use im 2 anymore, and it now works fine, performance still being good.
Watch the github repo for a release... (he said he was going to improve some things at the same time too)
TI has removed support for OFFSCRPT/ONSCRPT as of OS 5.3. They left all of the handling code for it; but removed the bit check. Again, yet another case of TI being completely oblivious to any sort of code compatibility. Sad
Does TI-Innovator use type-2 interrupts? Because if so, they just broke their own product. Answer: No, nothing in TI ever used mode-2 interrupts.
Now, because they have removed it, Murphy's Law kicks into effect:

They shall make something that needs it.

And honestly, with what they've been doing lately, I wouldn't put it past them.
Caleb_J wrote:
And honestly, with what they've been doing lately, I wouldn't put it past them.

Sending an email with exactly that to TI-Cares Just Joking
Is there any possibility of the community being able to design OS patches to bring back those lost features, as was done with the 68K calcs?
The second type byte of variables is used under PTT. This means directory support by a lot of shells can potentially be broken. Added to the list.
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