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Wow, last time I was near a contest, my Prizm got bricked. Well, I've got an idea for air, and I hope I don't brick the rest of my (or tester/judges) equipment in the process. As for what I'm doing, I have an idea, need to hash out the specifics to see if it is viable. I won't release anything else other than my tentative participation (to not let anyone down or give expectation of deliverables). Until the August deadline, I'll be bricking working.
I'm in a state of quantum-emotional superposition: I am both incredibly excited and let down at the same time.
I guess I'll add some details about what I'm doing, since I've committed in getting CI builds running, have a rough backlog planned out, and am working on asset creation.

Drone delivering packages in a city full of other air traffic. Maybe someone's ordering bulk TI-86's from ebay again. Or it's just generic boxes of stuff. Either way, the core concept is to fly to package airlift locations, grab one, then fly to the destination and drop it off. I'll worry about expanding on what you do once I get something playable (currently v0.1 milestone).

Using UE 4.15.3, will be a mix of Blueprints and C++. Currently going to target Win64, maybe Linux as well. Controller preferred, KB+mouse will also work.
Oh gosh, I haven't seen you post in years! Glad to see an old timer taking part in a contest. I wish you the best of luck with this, hopefully you will keep us updated on your progress over the next few weeks/months.
mr womp womp wrote:
Oh gosh, I haven't seen you post in years! Glad to see an old timer taking part in a contest. I wish you the best of luck with this, hopefully you will keep us updated on your progress over the next few weeks/months.
Heh, yeah, as my activity graph shows, I've had a nearly year-long gap here, mainly due to work. And I'll update this when I have something significant to show. Right now, getting core models created.
HCWP this Wednesday involved getting the claw picking up objects correctly and dropping them in dropoff locations. Still working on the spawn and dropoff locations, but after that, the basic mechanic should be good, minus graphical oddities when I get into unrealistic cases, like overlapping boxes causing the drone to smash through other boxes, sending them flying, or trying to pick up upsidedown boxes, whereby the drone obediently goes to the pickup marker (which is now upside down underground).

Looking at my v0.1 milestone backlog due end of Friday, major things left are getting a gamemode in to control regular game mechanics and to finalize the drone & claw models.
Out with the old drone model

In with the new final model

I'm a bit behind where I wanted to be with my v0.1 milestone, wanted to get the HUD in and have a goal implemented, but I'll be doing that over the weekend as I move forward.
Well, not much happened for the v0.2 milestone that ended Friday, which was to get pathfinding and a few basic buildings created. I can say that pathfinding is nearly done along with integrating pathfinding/delivery mechanics with gamemode & controller & pawn & HUD.

Looking at my backlog, I reserved v0.3 milestone for making the map (and assets), no functionality/code.
In HCWP, I was basically muted just working on wiring up navigation, random dropoff selection, and scoring. That all got done, so for the few hours I was working on it, I'd call that progress. Still thinking about how I want the map to be, might not get to that until Friday. Until then, I'll be looking at finishing up drone control. Currently, I just update the pawn position on the XY plane. I'll have to get collision working, redo movement, and get altitude control added.
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