Well, here we go again. Razz

For this first week, I will be writing a program in Python because I can write that faster than TI-BASIC.


I will be writing this in multiple versions, submitting whatever I have finished when the deadline rolls around (probably only version 1) and maybe doing more later.

Version 1 will be fairly simple. You are a traffic light operator and must control a set of traffic lights at an intersection to make sure cars do not have a wreck, causing you to lose your job. If you take too long, stopped cars will get impatient and ignore the red light, and if you change lights too suddenly, cars will miss the light and keep driving even though they should stop.

Version 2 adds crosswalks to the equation, making you manage pedestrians as well as vehicles.

In version 3, the efficiency of the intersection determines your paycheck. Get people through faster, and you'll make more money, eventually retiring (winning) once you make $1 million. Create too much congestion, and you might get fired.

Finally, version 4 will be similar to version 3 but will allow you to purchase upgrades to your light system along the way such as automatic timers.[/list]

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I am open to all of them. Good luck to everybody in the contest!
I have created the road background and all four traffic lights can now be controlled with keys. Each light has a column of three keys that control what color it is: QAZ, WSX, {:> and ]'/. Time to add cars next!
Well, I have added cars in! The only problem now is that they completely ignore lights and nothing happens if they crash, but not to worry! Correct behavior is coming soon. I also fixed a couple of bugs that I found from earlier.

As of right now, the cars are just gray rectangles. I will actually use images of cars later if I have time.

EDIT: The cars are now multicolored!
Everything is now done except for collision detection! The cars obey lights, roll up to red lights and stop, and wait in line behind each other. All that's left now is detecting crashes and tracking down one little bug with red light parking.

EDIT: Collision detection and game over works now!
I also changed a value used to calculate when cars appear and it seemed to fix the aforementioned bug (where cars would park halfway on top of each other outside the screen) but then it happened again once, so maybe it just crops up less frequently now.
All done and submitted! It's not perfect, nor does it include as many features as I would like, but it is complete and functional, which is about as much as I could hope for in four days Razz In addition to collision detection, I added actual images instead of rectangles for cars so that it looks better, a slow increase in speed and traffic to keep things interesting, and an explosion graphic in crashes purely for visual effect. (Definitely not to cover up graphical issues in collisions caused by cars not being perfect rectangles)
I hope y'all enjoy it!
Water program, here I come!

When I was in elementary school, I was really into this game called Poptropica, specifically Skullduggery Island, even more specifically the high seas trading and battling minigame section of the island's challenges. Consequently, I think it should be quite fun to create something similar to this where you travel between islands buying and selling goods to make money and upgrade your ship.

I'll keep you posted on my progress, and I wish everybody good luck in this second segment!
Sextuple post get reported. Just Joking

Seems like a really interesting game you have there. Very Happy
xMarminq_ wrote:
Seems like a really interesting game you have there. Very Happy

Thanks! Once this contest is over, I plan to add to it and make it a more complete and polished game.
EDIT: If it's the water game you're talking about, thank you for that, although not much is done yet! Razz

dankcalculatorbro wrote:
Intersection by Kydapoot - First thing, add instructions to run the game in the readme. I have never run a python program on my computer before and had no clue how to. I don't believe I have python on my computer, and since there was no link I didn't go through the trouble of downloading it (sorry, couldn't run the program). Also, add a download link to the program and pictures/gifs to your thread.

Thank you for the feedback! I added instructions in the readme if you would like to run it now, hope it works better. I was having difficulty uploading pictures of the program and didn't want to spend too much time on it, but there is a screenshot on the Archives page. As far as the download link goes, I think the best I can do is Github, and I'll try and stay more on top of things with this next program. It should be easier because I have more time.
Well, High Seas is going surprisingly well! There are four islands (classily named Islands 1, 2, 3, and 4) that you can travel between buying and selling goods to make more gold. Next, I am going to add another island that you can upgrade your ship at to get more storage and move faster. The best U can seem to do as far as pictures go is a link, so here you are: http://imgur.com/a/Zi6Er The top one is the supplies view screen, followed by what it currently looks like while you are sailing. After that are the options for things you can do on an island, and finally, there is a picture of the purchase screen (it looks like some images may be duplicated, sorry about that)
Well, more progress! The ship is now a graphical text sprite instead of a tiny square and its speed and storage can be upgraded. I have also added some extra polish to the UI, improving the look of menus and information screens. The next thing to do is add floating treasure to pick up to boost your income, make things more interesting, and speed the game along a bit.
Screenshots? Razz

Sounds like you're going to have a great entry! Very Happy
TheLastMillennial wrote:
Screenshots? Razz

Sounds like you're going to have a great entry! Very Happy
Glad you think so! As far as screenshots go, I can't find a single image hosting site that lets me get a direct link to pictures, so I can't post any. Do you know of a site that works?

For now, the ship sprites are a slightly better-looking version of these:
- )-----(
D_> <_D
Try Omnimaga's image and gif uploader. It's what I use.
dankcalculatorbro wrote:
Try Omnimaga's image and gif uploader. It's what I use.

That is what I use and always recommend as well Very Happy
Thank you!

This is the view of your ship while sailing:

Here is the zoomed-out map view:

This is an example of what you would see when making a purchase:

This is an example of what you would see after making a purchase:

And finally, here is the supplies/ship info screen:

My next step is to make floating treasure that you can pick up to speed things along and so that you can't go bankrupt.
That looks good so far! I'm glad you got images working Very Happy. I don't know if you said this previously, but is your entry written in BASIC?
dankcalculatorbro wrote:
That looks good so far! I'm glad you got images working Very Happy. I don't know if you said this previously, but is your entry written in BASIC?

Glad you like it! It is in pure BASIC. Unfortunately, this means that all that floating treasure is slowing the program way down. Because of this, there will be less treasure than I think there should be, but I will make it more valuable to compensate.
All finished, ye scurvy dogs! All me bugs have been tracked down, I put meself together a readme, and submitted it to the arrrrrchives.

Nice word play
xMarminq_ wrote:

Nice word play


On another note, I will unfortunately not be submitting anything for the Air segment of this contest because marching band has started up and I am in rehearsals most of the day. As I wasn't able to come up with a concept that interested me enough to spend my remaining free time away from playing my instrument, actually going outside, sleeping, etc., so I decided to just let this one go.
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