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When I first joined the server, it took me a while to realize that comic and Alex were the same person. My username, being the same on both Minecraft and the website, probably won't cause anyone confusion. However, it might be useful to new players if other Minecrafters who use the forum would post their Minecraft usernames here.
Yeah, I've had a name change since I joined the forum but I am indeed comicIDIOT, aka comic.

And yes, there are definitely players who are Cemetech members who I have no idea what their MC names are.
Mine should be blatantly obvious.
Erm, my MC name is Battlesquid, same as here. Wanted to let everybody know in case I get to play this Summer (although it's pretty obvious Razz)
Although I essentially never venture into the minecraft world, I do have an account and did happen to visit the server a few years ago just to take a look. Anyway, if I do ever return, my username is Guhh.
mine is Daman540, it would be cool if we could have a name that is assigned to each player, and the server shows that name, so that regardles of your mc username, if you have set it up, your name will appear as your Cemetech user name.
Mine is Balrog10, I'm the guy building a big platform tower on an island (at -67 66 159 on the map)
Mine will either be Pieman or Pieman7373 if i ever join
Mr womp womp, i like your name :3

My name is burning_pocket. My base (the giant cobble tower on the island) is around 1000 100.
Luxen wrote:
Mr womp womp, i like your name :3


Thanks, I wanted to get a short one, but nowadays there is a minimum of 3 characters and I believe all the 3 character ones are taken (or at least all the ones that can be pronounced Razz)
Pieman7373 wrote:
Mine will either be Pieman or Pieman7373 if i ever join

Given that Pieman is already taken, it would have to be Pieman7373.
Mine is CyberMinecart
Mine is "OldNewTimer", as you may have guessed
Mine is "Michael2_3B". Also if you see me on IRC, I go by MichaelB.
I'm both KermM and KermMartian on the server. KermM is my player (well, now moderator) account, mayor of the hermit town of Monument, and has no special creative-like powers: he's just like you! KermMartian, on the other hand, has the rank of Owner, and can do All The Things. Along with comic/Alex, we're the two official administrators, although our very trusted moderator tifreak8x also can exercise op powers when necessary.
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