So over the summer... my brother and I are each getting paid 250 dollars if we do the things my Dad tell us to do... which means I have to do Geometry and my brother gets to do ACT and SAT prep. My brother and I have decided that we should combine the money and see if we can get a 3D printer. So I've been looking for a 3D printer and I have found this Arrow I was wondering if any of you guys have any suggestions for which type of 3D printer we should get.
I don't really have a well-researched option, but I thought this was cool so I'll put it out there. It's an Arduino 3d printer. Quite small printing area (~10cm x10cm) and over your budget. But like I said, it's cool so I'm putting it out there.
I've seen that before but then there are some other DIY 3D printers that use the Arduino too. They are quite cool but I want a preassembled one because I don't have time to assemble it myself even though I would love to do so.
This is the perfect opportunity to point you at Geekboy1011's and my extensive Da Vinci XYZ 3D Printer Adventures topic, in which we both documented many of our experiences with our $400 3D printers. Mine is still going strong, although I don't use it as much as I want to, and I know that Geekboy uses his quite frequently (and has spent a bit of time and effort exploring a number of different mods and tweaks for it over the years). I strongly recommend that printer if you feel like pooling your money, as you mentioned.
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