Here is what I am working on for the land section of CC20:
Tell me what you guys think. Smile

That looks terrific... CommandBlockGuy... this is what I meant with the tilemap and stuff. This is great!!! It would look amazing on the TI-84 Plus CE. I wish I had a TI-83 to play this game. :/

Suggestion: Maybe you should add this map of the enitre map on the top right corner with a blinking dot representing where you are and a dot for where you need to go. That would be nice.
Thanks you. I don't know if I will add a minimap, but I will if I have more time. I accidently deleted the entire game yesterday and remade it from memory today. A little more was done and I had the titlescreen background in grayscale, which I can't manage to do again. Smile
I have a question that is somewhat off-topic: what are the visual glitches caused by? (It's probably the emulator)

Also, very nice work!
what visual glitches ? Choppiness or something?
Looks really cool man!
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