So today in math, we were working on an exam review because our exam is next week. So the person who sits next to me was using a table to graph something. Then some how she deleted the "y" section of the table and couldn't get it back. So I tried helping her out and was on my calculator to see and then I accidentally deleted my "y" section of the table... We can't figure out how to get the y part back. I reset my defaults, that didn't work. Then all my ram, that also didn't work. Finally I reset all my calculator's memory and it still didn't work... Does anyone know how to get the y back... or can help me out?
The y section appears only when you enter an equation into y1, such as 2x.
OldNewTimer wrote:
The y section appears only when you enter an equation into y1, such as 2x.

I do see that, though we need input values in the x and y table and then graph...
If you want to input the variables first, you would need to use the stat table (under stat button)
I still don't understand... OldNewTimer, the button under the stat button is prgm. Also I don't think I'm explaining this right. I need to input values for the x and y. On our exam, you get a list of x and y values. You need to input them on the table. Then graph. I deleted the y part of my table. I am wondering how I can get it back.
Sorry, I mean that when you press the "stat" button, the "Edit" button will lead you to the table. you can then enter the X and Y values into list 1 and 2. Then move right to the "calc" tab and choose the type of equation you want it to find. If it's a line, select linreg. You can also make it so its stores the equation to y1 when you calculate it by inserting Y1 into the "Store RegEQ" option. You can then graph it.
Oh ok. Thanks OldNewTimer. That helps a LOT. THX so much. Very Happy
No problemo Very Happy Happy to help!
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