I got this idea the other day because I wanted to tell you guys about some changes we're doing. Both because we want to increase activity on the server and to show that what guys bring up, impacts the server. You guys have a say in the changes the server undergoes; we want to hear feedback and the best way to get our attention is to post on the forums. This way, users and admins alike have a post to reference and it's almost a guarantee that we'll see it, if you post it in the Minecraft chat there's a good chance we won't see it or we'll miss it entirely. You should also note that when viewing the Minecraft Categories, that they are moderated by a group called "Minecraft Mods", clicking that name will take you to a page with all the current mods and admins on the server. If you have problems or concerns that you don't wish to make public please PM any one of those Moderators, including myself.

So, what's new?

Camera Accounts
    We are nearing the completion of this new rank for members. Back when the server first launched under 1.9 we were firm on the no secondary accounts. We aren't exactly relaxing this rule so much as we're making an exception. Camera Accounts will be locked to Game Mode 3 so they won't influence mobs or other contraptions on the server.

    Some challenges we currently face in implementing this is getting the game mode to persist through sessions. Currently when tifreak8x's camera account logs back in, he is back in Survival. We were able to allievate this issue by promoting him to the "Owner" rank - the same member rank as comicIDIOT (myself) and KermMartian. This isn't a viable option when other members start using camera accounts.

    In order to eligible for a camera account you must have an established channel, you must be a productive member and, the admins must feel that you're trustworthy. The last part sounds like a larger barrier than it is, there are several members I trust on this server. This is mostly a requirement because under game mode 3 camera accounts will be able to fly through blocks and see ores, they'll be able to fly past the world border as well. So we trust that you will use your camera account to stream and not to find ores and resources.

Helper Member Rank
    We have some members who have gone above and beyond to bring activity and members to the server. We're currently exploring what we can do to reward these players. Ideas are ranging from a small dedicated world to access to special /kits that they can request once a day. In the future these members may be given more responsibilities as well.

The End Dragon
    I created a Ghast farm in the Nether (Lower left corner, follow the signs from Nether Spawn) to combat the Ghast farms that existed above the nethers ceiling. I didn't anticipate my Ghast farm to be as effeicent as it is. So, I'll be down-sizing it and reevaluating whether or not to increase the elytra drop rate of the dragon. Currently it stays the same as it was before this farm. I'll be adding a few extra layers of bedrock to the top of the Nether next weekend. So if you have anything up there that's important, please remove it ASAP.

    Player commandblockguy is also creating a plugin for The End. We're exploring the idea of making the fight just a bit harder. Some ideas we have are: Setting difficulty based on the number of players, various challenges, some extra mobs to fend off, various new attributes to the ender dragon and Endermen. We'll probably see some changes in the main island end structures as well. I may take the roof off the ring and remove a few structures and prohibit blocks from being destroyed or placed within the main island. The harder the fight (the more players) the more likely an Elytra will drop, perhaps nearing a 100% drop rate. We're also entertaining new item drops, such as powerful armor that can only be obtained from the dragon.

    I've always been under the impression that the End Dragon is a boss fight. I've played MMO's and boss fights were always an epic battle that required team work. These changes will implement that vision but won't force it. If you still wish to attack the Ender Dragon solo, you can as the difficulty will lower. Challeneges won't activate and the chance of loot dropping decreases.

Server Event Calendar
    Thanks to Acagliano, or GreenerArrow on MC, we now have a calendar for server events! I created one a while ago but never really did anything with it. But I have since embedded it in a page on my web page. We'll get this added to CVBot so you guys have quick access to the %event calendar. If you'd like to add it to your own Google Calendar just seach for "Cemetech Minecraft Events" or add the following URL to your Google Calendar:

Abba Worlds
    The last weekend of every month will see a temporary Abba world of either the End or the Nether. It'll last (roughly) Friday through Sunday, American time. It might go up a little late on Fridays and come down a little early on Sundays. It might even go up on Thursday and down on Monday. This is not an automated thing so the times will vary.

    There also may be a weekend where we don't have either. Again, we're not automating this and life may get in the way. We'll try to get these set up before the weekend comes. Additionally, there could be a chance that these Abba world will be replaced by a Mansion Raid.

    Lastly, expect Regular Abba matches to make a come back soon as well! Smile

Player Events
    Forum member Acaglino, or GreenerArrow on MC, has been doing a lot of events lately. His latest event will be based on the comic book character "The Flash" where a player has a potion of swiftness and other players have to try and kill them. It's a 1v2+ game of PvP, which ever group dies first wins. Be sure to give it a look and participate!

    We'll be removing the "Chairs" plugin. The novelty has worn off and it's something we don't need running and taking resources on the server.

Lag and TPS
    This has been less of an issue lately. We greately appreciate your guys' help and cooperation as we work towards preparing the server for growth. With the addition of camera accounts we expect users to stream our server and bring players to us. With the introduction of the helper rank, we expect players to step up and start bringing activity to the server to engage in those events, of which we hope those events may even be streamed.

Social Media
A lot of great ideas in here. I can't wait to see them implemented.
Kinda off topic but did you guys see what they are planning for Command Blocks in 1.12?


Will the server be updated to 1.12?
xMarminq_ wrote:
Will the server be updated to 1.12?

Yes. It may be a week or so before we update; even though snapshots exist we still like to be sure before upgrading.
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