What is the best completed project of February 2017?
Color Speedrun
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More evolution!
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Indeed, February was a month shorter than usual, but don't let that fool you! Cemetech was at least as busy as always and lots of things were created! Let's see...

  • Animal Crossing: Taking advantage of the new and popular ICE language, CalcMeister decided to port the economy game Animal Crossing to the TI-84+ CE platform. The thread has some technical details and a beatiful screenshot which you should see, and give CalcMeister some feedback!

  • Clouttery: "The smart, cross-platform battery monitor", as the author names it, pretty much sums it up. gbl08ma was working on a complete overhaul of the server side software, and looks like he succeeded! The post contains problems, solutions and explanations. Check it out!

  • Color Speedrun: awesommee333 created a fun platformer in Java. You may see the rules and a video of the game right here in the thread, and, of course, you should try the game itself!

  • inFINITE: After a longer break, Battlesquid has resumed his work on the TI-83+ RPG inFINITE, later renamed to NDLESS. The thread features amazing screenshots and lots of conversation on the technical side of things. There also is a download to an early version, which you don't want to miss!

  • Five Nights at Freddys: tux_hacker shared a project he'd worked on for a while. The game, for TI-84+ calculators, has nice graphics and seems to be nearly done. Have a look and post some feedback!

  • Jumpman: After an unplanned break of 3 years and 2 days, Ranman was able to resume on his Jumpman port for the TI-89 calculator. The thread is long, but is worth a read, as there is a lot of interesting things and amazing screenshots. Join in the hype and post your feedback!

  • Kaliber: amihart created a Java-like cross platform programming language. While not as complex and popular as Java, it is still a cool project which you should try yourself!

  • Kerbal Space Program CE: TheLastMillennial continued to work on his TI-84+ version of the rocketry sandbox Kerbal Space Program. The game is in a very early stage, but he is busy making it work, so you should check periodically not to miss any updates.

  • More evolution!: _iPhoenix_ created a follow up to his evolution simulator linevolution, the new version is larger but has much more functionality and is much faster. You should visit the thread and try the program!

  • Subtransit: New Cemetechian Black Phoenix has joined right in with his project: A truly amazingly detailed subway simulator for Windows or Mac PCs. The amount of detail is simply astonishing, every single thing is accounted for. And you don't want to miss the screenshots!

  • SuperOP: Battlesquid did some progress on his Clash Royal port to the monochrome TI calculator series, provided a beatiful screenshot and added some information. Stay tuned for more updates!

  • SWARM!: Switchblade created an arcade game where you need to shoot down a swarm of shooting-back bees before you die, right on your monochrome TI calculator! The game runs pretty well, as shown in the screenshot in the thread. It is currently in beta, and you should message him if you wish to participate as a tester!

  • Project Builder: Adriweb continued to work on TI-Planet's Project Builder in February too. The update includes some UI, compatibility and stability improvements. You should visit the site and check it out yourself, though!

  • Zombies: While improving his C skills, calcnerd_CEP_D created an FPS game for the TI-84+ CE where you need to take down a horde of zombies which approaches you. It is always impressive to see first person perspective on a calculator, and this only adds to our excitement to see the project finished!

  • 1010!: KingInfinity decided to port a game he already liked on his iPhone now to his calculator! This arcade game is similar to Tetris, but with slightly different game mechanics. The calculator version has beautiful graphics and is loaded with awesome features! You don't want to miss this!

  • Puzzle15: Now you may play the popular sliding puzzle you know and love from childhood on your TI-nspire CX! grosged created a port of it with nice graphics and animations. You may download the game from TI-Planet, a link is provided in the thread.

  • Sorcery of Uvutu: 123outerme continued made progress on the monochrome port of the initial TI-84+ CE version of the popular RPG. There are lots of amazing screenshots in the thread, you should click that link and have a look yourself!

  • Pirate Space Kitties: What initially was meant as a contest entry, now became an amazing game! tr1p1ea worked on the Mario-like platformer and posted some screenshots showing off the beautiful graphics. You should visit the thread and give some feedback!

This month was a very productive one, and we hope the next ones will be too! Thanks for all of your work and dedication, you are awesome! Very Happy
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