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I need a fast and reliable way to do key debouncing (basically if I press and hold a key, it only does one keypress until I release it and press it again)
what I have right now is super janky and I'm pretty sure it is the root cause of my problems with the program not always recognizing keypresses:

    debounce = 0;

Then whenever I have something that needs to detect keys, an example of the if statement is

if(kb_ScanGroup(kb_group_7) == kb_Down && debounce == 0)
    debounce = 1;
    [other code]

I really need a better way to do this because if my hunch is correct this is not the way to go.
According to the examples in the toolchain; this is the proper way to read from the keypad:

kb_Data[kb_group_7] == kb_Down

If you want to just detect one single keypress; just do this:

    key_g7 = kb_Data[kb_group_7];

    if (key_g7 == kb_Down && !debounce) {

    if (key_g7) {
        debounce = true;
    } else {
        debounce = false;
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