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So, The Last Jedi trailer dropped yesterday. I must say, I'm really happy with how intentionally vague the trailer is, and with how the Star Wars universe seems to keep getting bigger. What are your reactions to the news?
I'm excited. Mostly in that we'll see the force in detail. In previous movies the force was mostly used as a general application, in this trailer they showed Rei's hand on the ground and tiny rocks slowly starting to float upwards. Sure, the force may still be a general application but seeing this detail was amazing.

I've put a lot of thought into the trailers ending. I'm pretty sure that was Luke but why did he say "The Jedi must end"? I don't know if this is the running theory, as I've been pretty distant from Star Wars discussions to avoid spoilers - I was even hesitant to watch the trailer, movies these days seem to give away so much in trailers - but my theory is that Luke was speaking as Yoda once did. So, is his quote "The empire, the Jedi must end."

Also, do note that this was a toaster trailer. It's suppose to be vague and why I ultimately watched it. I'm really looking forward to this movie.
Alex wrote:
my theory is that Luke was speaking as Yoda once did. So, is his quote "The empire, the Jedi must end."

Bump because I'm curious what others think. Every time I bring it up in a conversation no one wants to address this. Neutral Was that not Luke? It sure looked like him. I'd like to start some conversation around this.
His quote is "time for the jedi to end the first order" :vv Razz Razz
Maybe he means that the concept of the Jedi isn't ending, but that the system of the Jedi Order is outdated and he will be forming a better system, starting with Rei.

And, i'm excited that Finn is still alive Smile
by the way how is he driving with his eyes closed
huykhang wrote:
by the way how is he driving with his eyes closed

"We'll use the force"
I severely disliked tfa and unfortunately this isn't looking much better. So many lost opportunities, so much agenda.

Of course I'll still see it however, and reserve judgement until after then Smile.
why didn't you like TFA, i think it was cool, and this new trailer was fantastic too?!
anyway i've just realized that there are BOOKS in star wars universe!!!
and do you think that luke and snoke will have new power of the force? (like the lightning thing yoda did)
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