A while back(right after I started my hiatus), I lost my CE charging cord. I've been looking for it, but to no avail. Since then, I've been looking for a CE charging cord, but all of the cords that I've found are for the CSE, which doesn't fit into the CE port. I've looked on Google, Amazon, Ebay, and even TI's own website, and I can't seem to find a proper charging cord. Any help with finding a cord would be greatly appreciated.
Any USB to mini-USB cord will work. (The CE uses a, let me rephrase that, all TI calculators with a Li-ion battery use a mini-USB to charge)Thanks mr womp womp. Smile
here's a $4.80 cord I found on Amazon
I'm a bit confused here. I use the same cable for both my CSE and CE and it works just fine.
Yeah, mini-USB will work for both, maybe you aren't forcing the plug in hard enough?
All ti-84s use the same cable... In fact, I think all ti calculators with lithium batteries use the same usb cord for data and power, including the nspires.
To clarify, there is a difference between mini-usb and micro-usb. Mini usb is the cord that many cameras use, as well as modern TI calculators. It is more squarish in shape. Micro usb is the cord that most misc electronics and most android smartphones. It is thinner and flatter than mini usb.
Go here to find everything you need to know about different USB types! You may find that almost all of your cords fall into these categories, hence the name "Universal" Serial Port.
To be more specific, you want a USB Mini-B male to USB standard A male cable.
oldmud0 wrote:
To be more specific, you want a USB Mini-B male to USB standard A male cable.
You have to let the cord decide its OWN gender, you misgendering cishet scum.
Thanks for all the help, guys. I will try to fit my CSE cable one last time later today. I will edit this post later with whether or not this works.


Good news! It worked. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Thank you everybody for all of your help.
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