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Elytra course to construct first
Monument Race
 0%  [ 0 ]
Obstacle Race
 100%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 5

I have begun building the Elytra course down in the far southwestern corner of the map. If people would like to contribute resources, such as glass to the course, there is a chest located right outside my plot in Arendelle, labeled for that purpose. The most immediate need would probably be glass, or sand, which will be used to form some of the tubes connecting parts of the course.

I have developed the idea of two course types. The first is an obstacle/danger/trap filled course, with checkpoints. It would be comprised of stages, with a checkpoint after each stage. The second type is a timed event. Rather than have someone be forced to do timing of participants, and thus limiting the number of available players, I developed the idea of checkpoints with flags designating order. This course type would consist of monuments, each of which has a checkpoint containing these flags. Contestants would race from monument to monument, and score tallied at the end, based on the flags in their inventory.

I am unsure as to which to build first, so i'm putting a poll here to determine whether you would prefer the Obstacle Course or the Monument Race.

This will run for 14 days;however, the first course I will build will be a primitive test course and NOT the final versions. Smile
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