Despite our newswriters being busy in the recent months, Cemetechians were still busy and came up with lots of cool projects. We are trying to catch up with them, so we picked out which we deemed the most interesting ones, and let's have a flashback to November of 2016 and see what people have made:
  • AspirinCE: Beginning in the end of October and over the course of November, Cemetech member Unicorn worked on his TI-84 CE port of the arcade game "Aspirin". A playable version of the game was released as of now, so I recommend you give it a try, if not done yet!

  • CalcTalk: Kydapoot made a lot of progress with his Siri-like utility for the monochrome 83+ calculator series. Designed to entertain as a chatbot and to provide functionality as a command line, the project looks really promising and you should definitely have a loot at it!

  • Clouttery: gbl08ma was busy working on his software, marketed as "Clouttery, the smart, cloud-enabled battery monitor which works with every device!". While not completely free to use, it is a very useful tool which enables you to forget forgetting to charge your devices! Be sure to check it out and give him some feedback.

  • Kerbal Space Program CE: TheLastMillennial has spent time creating a calculator version of the popular rocketry sandbox game Kerbal Space Program. While there is no playable version as of now, the project certainly looks promising and ambitious.

  • KILL CMND: kotu, a new Cemetech member, joined right in with posting his cool RTS game for the 84+ CE calculators. He showed some really nice screenshots, and I can only recommend visiting the thread and looking at it yourself.

  • Pokemon Battle Simulator: Another new member, minibug, joined the party with an own project! In his game, you battle against a randomly, realistically generated opponent with customizable strength.

  • Pure TI-BASIC Command Line: Another utility, this time for the 84+ CE, was made by _iPhoenix_. This command line tool has a few useful utilities which may come in handy on your calculator!

  • Sorcery of Uvutu: As a follow-up to his earlier game, Dragonslid, 123outerme has once again impressed us with an RPG for the TI 84+ CE platform. He released a fully working version with nice graphics, which you do not want to miss!
As always, we thank and congratulate all the contributors to these projects and are looking forward to seeing new ones from you!
I would like to say that my ti-basic command terminal has exactly zero applications and only makes life more hard. I freaking made it in like 10 min, and that was when I started programming in TI-Basic on my CE!

Also, I made better things that month (but that's not saying much), namely this.

Also: Poll?
There is no poll as no project was completed this month, apparently. There were some I was unsure about, if the authors could clarify that, it would simplify the decision.
Thanks for putting this together, Nik! I don't spot any completed projects, but certainly the authors of the projects are welcome to disagree. Smile
KermMartian wrote:
Thanks for putting this together, Nik! I don't spot any completed projects, but certainly the authors of the projects are welcome to disagree. Smile

I sure ain't touching mine (at least not for a while), but I wouldn't call it "completed".
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