What is the best completed project of October 2016?
Bounce CE
 40%  [ 2 ]
StringtoList CE
 60%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 5

Welcome to another installment of PotM! This past month has seen a slight decline in projects being worked on, but those projects that have seen updates have been made ever more awesome! Check out the list of projects below:

  • TILP: Lionel Debroux has shared an update that was made to TILP, pushing it closer to the long sought after 1.18 release. Check the post for the list of updates, which is quite extensive.

  • Zombie Chase CE: Spenceboy98 has released an update for his Zombie Chase game, adding in a new feature where you take more damage once you are infected by a zombie. Check out the thread for more info, a screenshot, and that download link!

  • PHASM: Epharius has returned and brought quite the list of updates to his shell for the CE, PHASM. Among the updates is the ability to read ROM, edit various parts of memory, and a list of bug fixes. Check out the topic for more information on this impressive project!

  • Zombie Chase Prizm: Spenceboy98 has updated the Prizm version of Zombie Chase to match the features of the CE. So if you have a Prizm, download and check out this game! (Which is great to still see Prizm game development going on!)

  • AspirinCE: Unicorn has started porting over an 83+ game of the same name up to the CE. He has a few features going, as per what his screenshots show, and it looks like it has the potential to be a fun game.

  • TI-Planet's Project Builder: Adriweb has posted up about some updates that have taken place with their Project Builder, an online CE IDE and emulator. Check out the topic for the numerous features that have been posted about for this latest update!

  • Raspberry Pi-Based Graphing Calculator: As has been attempted several times in the past, new Cemetech member Barney Russell is looking to create a homemade graphing calculator around a Raspberry Pi. He's looking to spend no more than $100 on parts to add to the Raspberry Pi to make it a full graphing calculator; if you have suggestions, please stop by his topic and add your $0.02!

  • globalCALCnet with Particle Photon: Two years ago, Cemetech administrator Christopher "Kerm Martian" Mitchell received a Spark Core (from the company later renamed to Particle) at World Maker Faire 2014, and used it to give calculators WiFi. He used the Arduino CALCnet drivers to made the Spark Core speak CALCnet, allowing it to link calculators directly to the internet. Now, Cemetechian theprogrammingcube has succeeded in porting the Spark Core globalCALCnet firmware to Particle's latest development board, the Particle Photon. Take a look at his work, and if you have expertise on the Photon, feel free to chime in.

  • Bounce CE: Something of a screensaver like program, it bounces balls of varying sizes around on your CE's screen. Made by MateoConLechuga to show C programmers how to use interrupts and the keypad in your C programs.

  • StringToList CE: A little utility program by MateoConLechuga that converts string data into a list of tokens. Check out the thread for a screenshot and more information.

  • C SDK Libraries: MateoConLechuga has done some massive updating to the CE C libraries over the last month, many updates offering speed improvements or general optimizations and bug fixes. Check the thread from the link onwards to see all that's been done!

  • ICE Compiler: PT_ has made a superb amount of progress on his compiler setup, adding in a whole list of features and fixes. Check out the topic for a more in depth look at all that's been accomplished!

And that's it for this month! We realize that the next 2 months brings holidays and exams for a lot of you, so we understand if priorities shift away from your projects for a short while. But do make sure to stop by when you can and chat with us in SAX, we love keeping in touch with our userbase! Until next month~
Ladies and gentlemen: a poll for best completed Project of the Month for October 2016 has been added to this topic, open for the next 7 days. Please carefully consider the options before voting. Thanks!
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