How time flies. We soft launched the server on March 20th. What does a soft launch mean? When we soft-launched we opened the server to those who contributed in building spawn or they were seen as significant contributors to the previous iteration. The following weekend, on Easter, we opened the server up to everyone who wanted to be a member.

In the first few days of soft launching our members broke just over 100,000 blocks. With stone being the most common block being broken. By the official opening weekend we had almost broke 500,000 blocks with stone continuing it's reign as the most broken block.

So where are we a year on?

You guys have broken just north of 6,500,000 blocks. That's 6.5 MILLION blocks. Stone is still the most broken block at 1,700,000. We've had 317 players log in to the server with a maximum concurrent player count of 16; A number that's been held since The End was opened in July. Those 371 players have 11,462 total logins and have played for a cumulative 1 year and 155 days. Meaning, that the average time someone spends online per login is 1h9m44s, we see an average of 22 logins a day.

Now, 371 tracked players is not indicative of our server population. This number includes anyone who has logged in, even if for a second, then logged out never to return. Now, our top players consist of the following playtimes:
  1. DrDnar with 72 Days
  2. ACagliano with 51 Days
  3. tifreak8x with 50 days
  4. LittleMoonBeam with 48 days
  5. TurquoiseDrag0n with 28 days
  6. Rivereye with 22 days
  7. lennartVH01 with 21 days
  8. KermM with 17 days
  9. ElementalVis with 14 days
  10. pyrot3chnic with 13 days

We've had many events as well! For this iteration of the server we introduced a dedicated mining world, mostly for Abba Matches, but also allowed us to use non-renewable ores as currency and keep the main world somewhat tidy and clean, allowing users to focus more on building in the main world than actually building mines that would eventually be abandoned. It also allowed us to keep the map size smaller. We did expand the map a few times and it is equal in size to the prior iteration but allowing players to mind in a separate world allowed players to feels like there was more distance between them, as mines didn't extend for hundreds of blocks under a base, potentially going into, or under, someones build.

We've had quite a few player events as well, such as races along a Daytona International Speedway replica and PvP events.

I can't wait to see what you guys do in the following months and life of the server. Please be sure to post any suggestions you have for the current server!

Nice write up!! Very Happy It's been great to be a part of this server and all the activity that's gone on there. I'm thinking we need to get a few people together and do a server tour of some kind.
Some days, I think it is hard to believe we have been on this map for only a year when you look at some of the builds that have been placed. Two large builds that stand out to me are for course the Speedway (btw Comic, thank you for actually referencing the name correctly) and Acagliano's tower/PvP Areana. However, some of the towns have shown a lot of work as well that makes one wonder how long we have been working on them. I am looking forward to when DrDnar finishes building up his Rooster Booster clone on the server as well.

And then days of course come in where I think it was only yesterday I was wondering around the map looking for a suitable area to build what I had planned. I couldn't tick off every box on my list at the time, but I found a place that I am happy to call home and to keep expanding upon.

Though, the biggest thing I think still missing from the server is the old museum world, with the 1.7/1.8 builds added in of course. I have found those to be of great inspiration in the past, as I am sure others have as well. Plus, there is a certain bit of nostalgia factor built in seeing those builds and going, I remember seeing that being built. Ever since I first joined the Minecraft Server on the 1.4 - 1.6 map, I have always wanted to make a build worthy of preservation there. I am probably someone who has been building with the community the longest (going back to the old Blockland days), I have always been jealous of other peoples ability to build just awesome creations, but it never deterred me from trying to do what I can.

Here is to another great year of Cemetech Minecraft, and may there be many more!
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