So right now you cannot apply both the mending and infinity combos to a bow at once. I've talked with a few players, and we don't think it's very fun that way. Would the admins consider using a plugin to re-enable putting both enchants on a bow? If one doesn't exist already, I could probably make it pretty easily.
I'm generally against re-enabling it. I personally feel like Infinity on a bow is so much better than Mending, since you can easily spend a little XP (that you can trivially get in the End at tifreak8x's XP/Ender farm) and an easily-acquired fresh bow to repair your bow. Of course, you'll eventually have to replace it, but I definitely go through bows less often than swords or other diamond gear. I'm definitely open to listening to everyone's opinion on this, though.
I agree Kerm. I have my old Mending/Infinity bow that I use, but for the most part, I pick off mobs from a distance when I can with it, not really as a first option use. Bows are cheap and easy to make, and the rest of the books are cheap enough to purchase, either from tifreak's shop in the End, or finding a villager that you can trade with.

If it is desperate enough that you need a bow like that, I believe DrDnar has a few stockpiled up that he would be willing to sell.
Kerm brought it up last night and I said I'd comment on this tomorrow when more users provided feedback. I guess I was pretty optimistic we'd have more conversation. Anyways, here we are.

I'm with Kerm. I believe having both enchants on the bow was terribly OP. This will also allow me to give such bows as prizes. Something I'm always at a battle with, and a topic I've brought up with the mods - I thought I made a public post about the issue but I can't seem to find it Sad
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