My folder structure
>My documents
>>>all kinds of subfolders for projects
>>>asm files
>>Freshman Schoolwork
>>>Chem Lab
>>Old Schoolwork
>>>High School
>>>Grammar School
>>My Music
>>My Notes
>>My Pictures
>>>my sketches
Chipmaster wrote:
I keep everything very organized on my computer. I even have a school section of My Documents that has sub folders for each class and sub folders in there for special projects and such. That being said, my desktop is a mess (even though I have attempted cleaning it) and it will soon be completely filled (I think I'm like 10 programs away). At least I'm not as bad as my friend. His start--> programs menu goes beyond the screen and stupid windows doesn't even let you see it all. Even win 98 let you scroll past the edges, but XP is stupid Razz Bad Idea

yeah, my start menu spreads over onto my second monitor

oh, and you can enable the old 98 style scroll menu, but that one sucks a which is why it was disabled Rolling Eyes
I'm rather fond of XP's start menu style. I'm already into 2 columns of programs, and about 4 of My Documents.
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