What size sprite should I use?
16x16 pixels
 69%  [ 18 ]
32x32 pixels
 30%  [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 26

_iPhoenix_ wrote:
CalcMeister wrote:
_iPhoenix_ wrote:
CalcMeister wrote:
*nudges PT_*

Boy I sure wish you could use Matrices in ICE...

Just use lists, and at the end of each line put a number that won't be there normally. When you go through the list and detect that number, treat the next section as a new line.

Alternatively, store the starting positions of each line either to the beginning of the list or to a separate list.
That is clearly the route I'm going to end up taking, though ICE lists are limited to about 7000 elements, which I'm not yet sure are enough for a world map. Also, named lists are not usable in ICE. Nonetheless, ICE is amazing and everyone should use it!

First off: ONLY 7000 ELEMENTS?! Holy crud! That's a really bad programming language....
Just Joking

A wild Shameless ICE ad has appeared!

EDIT: If we had a screenshot for everytime I have typed "Shameless ICE ad" we would have... More screenshots then we have now. Please Very Happy
There's your screenshot. Happy?
I've never noticed until now the sheer speed of an ASM program! This game is going to be awesome!
Any progress on this, CalcMeister? I just realized that you didn't mention it at all on HCWP last night Razz
Pieman7373 wrote:
Any progress on this, CalcMeister? I just realized that you didn't mention it at all on HCWP last night Razz
I didn't work on it much Wednesday, but I'm nearing completion of my first build. I'm perfecting side scrolling right now to exactly what I'm looking for.
Do you have some more screenshots? I'm looking forward to see this being finished Smile
PT_ wrote:
Do you have some more screenshots? I'm looking forward to see this being finished Smile
My idea is that I never really finish it, that I just publish updates every so often. If I wanted it finished before I uploaded it it would take forever. Razz
I promise I haven't died! I've worked on this some, but a few other projects have gotten in the way. I've decided (for now) to display the world in chunks rather than smooth side scrolling, because I was running into some issues regarding my ability to display a partial sprite. I'll have basic mechanics laid out by tomorrow, such as tilemap loading, world generation, input mechanics, fancy collision detection, etc.
So I've done everything I said I would in the previous post except for collision detection. Movement is interesting in this program because your location is measure in pixels, not sprites. This means you can walk between sprites, move individual pixels, etc. the problem that arises is how to do collision detection when the map (stored in a list) is measured in sprites, whereas the character position is not. You can't do the standard form of collision detection when this is the case. Any suggestions are welcome!

PS: I'm eventually gonna need hella sprites. This will be fun.
This is so you dont kill yo self
Using CEmu, I made some fancy-shmancy smooooth player movement and collision detection, as well as creating a chassis for user input, screen output, and NPC actions to happen seamlessly and simultaneously. Using CEmu, I should be able to get a .gif screenshot of gameplay as well. I've also begun on creating a menu interpreter which reads strings stored in lists and outputs a menu or dialogue. This might be a little overkill but I've structured a rudimentary multiplayer mode which uses some wizardly hex codes, USB drivers, and holy water.
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