I started a project where I want to implement Wlan/Wifi to a TI83-Plus with an Esp8266. At the end you should't see that the TI is modified. I already soldered the I/O connection inside and connected it with the Esp. I began to write my own program, which sends a [7], if the TI requests a list and it prints Ints sent by the TI. Now I want to send/receive strings but it is not necessary because I can also write the program so, that it parses a string to a list. Another thing I want to do is to send a simple BASIC program to the TI. Is there any way to do that? I know that you can press buttons virtually. One way would be to press the buttons to type in the program. But if I want a downloaded program to transfer, it would not work.
*bump* I apologize for the extremely slow response on this! I hope that this project is only for good, not for any nefarious or cheating purposes. Razz You can indeed send programs via silent linking, just as you can send strings, lists, and so on. You don't need to virtually press the buttons to actually type out the program. What do you mean that "it would not work" to transfer a downloaded program?
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