Uh... is there any way I can change my username... mine is a bit boring in my opinion.
Send a private message to an admin. Make sure you change it to what you really want; you are only allowed to change it once. Smile
Can you give me an example of an admin?
Josiah_Smith_Z80 wrote:
Can you give me an example of an admin?

No, click the 'About' tab.
Ok, thanks.
Seems like you sent a PM to another admin but if you tell me here or in a PM I can change it for you Smile

And yes, make sure it's what you really want to change it to.
PM received, and asked him to confirm that he understands that we will only change a username once per user. That goes for all of you, in case (for example) you need some tomato to go with your lettuce.
Is the single nickname change per user rule permanent, as in if you got your nick changed in 2007 then it's over and you're stuck with it forever?
i guess so DJ_O, don't rely on me for an answer though Confused
Just to let everybody know... my username has been changed from "Josiah_Smith_Z80" to "Switchblade".
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