Well, here we go again. Happy holidays!
So, I'm not quite sure where I want to go with this one. I have thought of two things:

A: A simple screen-saver type snow falling. I will do this is time is an issue this week or I am just really in the mood for graphics.

B: You are a tiny match, and you must survive as long as possible without a snowflake falling on you and putting you out. Kind of an avalanche-style thing. I think this is what I'll end up doing.

I have made the match sprite and some of the snowflakes (By the way, I use Piskel. It's free and quite easy). The collision detection and movement is also done.

  • More snowflakes
  • Game over animation (smoking match, etc)
  • Wind (flakes drifting in a general direction)
  • Background graphics
Here is a video of the progress so far: http://sendvid.com/1lzmihlh

Progress since last time:
-Running animation for the match (it tilts as it goes back and forth, but it needs to be smoother).
-More snowflakes
-Unique behavior for snowflakes (some faster/slower, some drift differently, which is my "wind")
-Score and game over words in fancy snowflake font

EDIT: I just fixed the movement (apart from the match tilting both directions when two keys are pressed Razz) and added a feature where going off one side of the screen puts you onto the other. I will begin work on the dead match animation shortly!
I fixed some of the mechanics so that the increase in speed and amount of snow is more noticeable. I also made a couple of sprites and a simple animation for the dead match. Here is the snoking match and the burnt out match. They are displayed about a half second apart. I might add more graphics later, but I would like to add more functionality such as powerups and a pause button first.
I fixed all of the graphical issues and improved the animation of the match burning out. I also created two sprites (one for a speed boost and one for a shield) and will implement the powerups tomorrow! Things are going quite well.
All finished! I added two powerups and made everything look nice. As soon as the internet allows, I will put a video up and then after this section of the contest, I will upload it to the archives.

EDIT: I submitted it using the form.
Well, present. Hmm. I'm a bit stumped.

Also, I noticed that in my last submission, I had the powerup frequency way up for fun and forgot to put it back to "normal" but it should be fine, especially because it is easily adjustable.
Well, I think I am going to go with a program in the "anything else" category: A clock. It will show the "Present time," by which I mean that the time will be displayed in the form of presents (that's the goal at least). Time to sift through the pygame documentation!
Things are going well! I found out how to get the time and have begun making the images.
I am close to finishing. All that I have left is to create the sprites for 6, 7, 8, and 9. If I have time after that, I'll think of something else to add.
All done! I will also submit this to the archives after this week because I think it turned out well. I added gradual changes in the background color to make it a bit more interesting. Also, I have decided to submit this under the graphics/simulation category because it is very graphical. If this doesn't fit, just let me know and I will resubmit under "anything else"


Well, maybe not actually. Since I can only submit one more entry, I will only do one this week if I can think of a really good idea.
Freeze...well. Uh. I have two categories left: "Math/Science Utilities" and "Other". I think I will submit something into the "Other" category. Probably some sort of TI-84+ prank program that involves the calculator freezing up on simple arithmetic.
Well, due to robotics and band, I have had basically no time to work on an entry for this week. If I submit something, it will be very simple. Sad
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