December has arrived, and despite a few small technical difficulties, has opened up the voting for their annual Program of the Year (PotY 2016) competition!

There was only one TI-83+ entry (JWinslow23's "This is the Only Level"), so voting is starting with the four TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition entries:
As in past years, you can vote in the poll on the front page, and a new poll will open every 7 days. After the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition category closes, there will be only a TI-84 Plus CE category and a TI-Nspire category. Good luck to all, and may the best program/man/woman win!

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POTY Contest 2016 Begins: TI-84+CSE Voting Opens
As Cemetech member Kerm, not as an administrator, I lobby you to please vote for Graph3DC! It was the culmination of literally years of work, including a huge amount of time figuring out how to work with and around OS features and bugs. The lessons I learned are hopefully going to make it possible to produce a fast, colorful 3D grapher for the TI-84 Plus CE as well. If you prefer not to, the other options are also amazing work by skillful programmers I'm honored to call friends and colleagues.
I voted! The CE category ought to be interesting, we've had a lot of really good projects for the CE this year.
Good luck everyone!
mr womp womp wrote:
we've had a lot of really good projects for the CE this year.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the CE coming out last year Rolling Eyes
Regarding calculator popularity per model this year:
-In most of Europe, the TI-83+/84+ has been replaced by the TI-82 Advanced or TI-84+T, which lack ASM, Axe, xLIB, DCS7, Grammer and Celtic support
-Just like what happened with the TI-85 when the TI-86 came out and the TI-82 when the TI-83 came out, the TI-83+/84+ popularity declined when the CE came out. When the TI-89 and TI-83+ came out, the TI-85 and 82 popularity declined even further. So I kinda expected that the 83+/84+ would have so few programs now that it got two successors in a row.
-The CE having come out one year ago means it had just enough time to be adopted by new users and newer Z80/ez80 calculators in the 84+ family tend to be the most popular. However, it had a slow start due to the lack of enough development tools in the early going. It really took off when CEmu and the TI-Planet project builder came out.
Don't forget that TI essentially retconned the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition out of existence. And speaking of tools, I must remind you that SourceCoder got C support roughly contemporaneously with the TI-Planet project builder. Wink

Don't forget to vote for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition PotY, everyone! There's about half a week left.
Guys, TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE voting is now underway! There are 12 entries this year to choose from:

Catylizm CE
Crystann or the Diamond Dungeon
Game of Life
ICE Compiler
Snail Maze
Zombie Chase CE

Remember that you only have (approximately) 1 week to vote, meaning until December 19th.
Thanks for posting that, DJ_O. As he said, TI-84 Plus CE voting is underway, and it is by far the most popular section this year. Get those votes in!
Remember, today is your last day to vote for TI-84 Plus CE programs for's 2016 PotY! I know that many Cemetech members would want you to vote for their hard work. Wink
The TI-Nspire POTY is now up! Smile

Another World
Jens' Script Editor

By the way, now that the CSE and CE polls are over, I think we can share what we voted for without worrying about influencing people's votes, so here is what I voted for for the CSE and CE POTY surveys respectively: Graph3DC and ICE Compiler.
Thank you for posting those; I appreciate you being conscientious with the updates. Those are the options I voted for as well!
I voted these too Smile
Same here!
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