i want to build a rpg with collectbles and lvl's can someone help me with programming this i am not completly new but i am not an expert
You'll need to be more specific than that. What have you tried so far? Have you designed the RPG on paper (for example, the characters, the abilities, the items, the quests, the map, and so on)? Which part are you stuck on?
What is have so for is a program to load my list to a map and a 0 as character that you can move and i have Wallis where cant walk through and a maze and if you touch the walls you got telleported back to the beginning of the room and at the end i have keu that opens a door to snotter room but i want to make chests with weapons and an inventory but i Dont know how
on a casio calculator you could define a matrix with different values for different objects, then detect them, with.
IF MatA[X,Y]=1 THEN ...
IF MatA[X,Y]=2 THEN ...
im not sure i havent programmed a casio for some time, but they are great calculators, with lots of great features,
Great idea but is use a list with 147 slots because i toen can easely asingn Colors to the things i print is there Some wat i can make an chest with a matrix and select items so i can choose wich item i want so i can limit the maximum items i have in my inventory
Hello, i've been busy. I came back to have a look around.





Heres some interesting stuff... these bookmarks should help....

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