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Alright guys, my first post on the forum...

I've got a Casio fx-cg20 and I have some experience with Casio basic. I've programmed some little things but I've come across some options under I/O.
The simple ones: "send" and "receive". I think these are for sending data across the 3pin, but they don't work. It just says "com error" (communication error). The Casio manual says it's for sending data across devices, but it doesn't work. I've tried to send programms along the cable and that worked, so the cable is plugged in correctly and isn't broken.
The other options were to open and close 38kPorts, and to send and receive via 38k. According to the manual you have to open the 38k, send the data (or receive) and after sending/receiving you have to close the 38k. Using this also gives an "com error".
I've tried both in a loop, but it still doesn't work, and I would really like it to work. I've got some ideas for a multi-calculator-game but if this doesn't work, that won't work at all.

I hope somebody can help me with this. Thanks in advance!
I don't use Basic but had no problem creating add-ins to communicate between calculators. System calls in C-coded SDK for that require that serial port is open first - maybe it is the same in Basic.
Also some add-ins or presumably previous basic etc com manipulations may leave connections open or not properly closed making avive errors possibly- restarting calculator resets those problems and possibly there are basic commands to deal with Such situations too. Hope it helps
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