Apologies for semi-exploiting the fact that I'm friends with Mateo on Facebook, but happy birthday! Even though you're on sabbatical, the contributions you have made to the community continue to help us daily. We hope you'll eventually return!
Happy birthday Mateo! Thank you so much for creating Pac Man, and Portal Returns, and Cesium, and everything you've done that I still use daily!
Happy birthday, we miss you here
Happy birthday Mateo!
Guess what day today is? Happy birthday, Mateo! I hope it's a fun one; what are you doing for it?
Happy Birthday Mateo. Your creations are the greatest!!
Happy Birthday Mateo! I am extremely appreciative of everything thart you have done and all of the help/advice you have given me!!!
Happy Birthday, Mateo! You should take a break, you deserve it Laughing Thanks for all that you do here!
Happy birthday Mateo! Are you doing anything special to celebrate?
Happy birthday Mateo, have a nice cake and hopefully a nice party or an enjoyable evening with friends and/or family.

Kerm, hereby I request a gift smiley! Smile
Woo, happy birthday Mateo! Hope you had a nice one Smile
Happy birthday Mateo!
Flappy Birday Mateo!
Happy Birthday, Mateo!
Have a great B-day!
Merry Birthday! Hope you cake is delicious and moist! Laughing
Sorry for missing it yesterday. Happy Birthday, Mateo!
Thank you for the kind wishes everyone! I really appreciate it Smile Anywho; yes it was quite nice my friends made me a cake that was made of chocolate chips and cookie dough, so life was grand. Very Happy
Oooooh, that sounds like a really tasty cake. Did you get (or get yourself) any fun presents?
KermMartian wrote:
Oooooh, that sounds like a really tasty cake. Did you get (or get yourself) any fun presents?

Family got me some skiing passes for this winter; so I'm looking forward to that Smile And I got myself some nice substances because I've heard of the Ballmer peak:

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