Yup, you can store up to 14 digits in any real or complex part; it displays only 12, but you can access up to 14 from a prog.
which would make it faster to just use 2 reals.
Eh, generally. However, you can save a couple of bytes by using complex instead of real numbers for 1 list instead of 2.
that is handy Very Happy
If you take a look at the latest released beta of Brix Builder, you'll see I did the polygon coordinates for it with that schema.
cool. I personally like the extraction from a real trick better though.
Yeah, that's not bad. One of the problems with the complex "compression" though is that it takes far too many clock cycles to extract the real(/cplx( parts.
They are still easier to manipulate than 12-digit real numbers.
I prefer the combinations of 10^() and fPart().
...Which together use the same number of clock cycles as ipart()/fpart().
10^( uses slightly less, actually.
Confused I didn't know that. I may have to revise my tetris program now.
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