A couple of months ago, I started to get frustrated with the slow speed and minimal graphics of the TI-84+, and so I decided to make a program similar to Action Battle using python and pygame. Here is the link to the gitHub for it: https://github.com/TrumpetDude/Game-1
As you may notice, I haven't actually decided on a name for it yet. Any ideas?
I made lots of progress on this today! There are now powerups with their own movement patterns and some additional minor tweaks and bug fixes. So far, the program is still running at a good speed despite the large amount of code (particularly ifs) it has to execute when multiple objects are on the screen. It is much less frustrating than a calculator. Razz
Well, it's just about finished, with only a couple of bugs. I might later implement some sort of shop, but it's playable now. However, it it very difficult for the average person to play without much practice, so I might slow it down later. Better to run it on a mac because windows does it too fast. Also, I don't think these posts are showing up in the SAX or recent posts list. Anybody know why?
EDIT: Never mind, it's only SAX they're not appearing in.
Game looks great in terms of visuals, but it seems fairly evident that the inherent lack of any object-orientedness or methods in the code is hindering your ability to expand it. Back then, a big monolithic script was acceptable, but remember that Python isn't BASIC. I recommend you read up a bit on coding patterns and anti-patterns, as well as the single responsibility principle.
Thanks for the advice! I am currently working on shifting the code into methods and (I will be needing lots of help if I do this) classes.

I also have another update on the game's progress: There is now a second level (I like it better than the first) that is more efficient than the first code-wise because all of the zombies are stored in a list rather than having separate variables for each of them.
I have uploaded what is written to the archives queue for download! Also, I for got to mention it here, but the game is called Under Attack with levels Survive and Zombie Apocalypse. I also put lots of the code into methods in a separate file, so it is now easier to read.
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