my friend has the TI-84 Plus CE but has no access to a computer so i'm the go-between for his questions and your knowledge. he needs to know if there are links that i can print out/send to him w/manual instructions on how to use ICE compiler and PHASM. thanks to all who reply! JAMR
To speak from my part, ICE, you can download it here:
In the zip is a pdf called "DOCUMENTATION", together with the Commands list this should be enough to create some nice programs. Epharius needs to answer about PHASM Wink
Well, there's not a manual that would explain you how to use PHASM, but the main things you have to know is :
- In program editor, press [ALPHA]+[X,T,O,n]
- Wherever you want, press [ALPHA]+[VARS] (next to Clear Key)
- When you want to edit an archived program... well, do it :p
- And don't bother with differences between archived and unarchived program now...

Any question? Very Happy
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