There are really cool mods in minecraft that is used for educational purposes and also very technical. Some examples of this is Applied Energistics, Thermal Expansion, etc. from OpenBlocks. These mod allows you to create ME systems in mincraft that uses storage cells to store your items, allows you to use pipes to transport fluids, and really cool muti-block structures like Quarries and many more. They also have a power measurement called RF, this system is used in all mods in minecraft to power technical machines and systems. Another really cool mod that is educational is Galacticraft Core. This mod allows you to travel to space and build working spaceships. There are others but I think I have made my point that a modded intelligent survival is better than the vanilla one, and by my experiance in the server, you guys really like automation, well, so do I. Automation in mining, smelting, and sorting can be acomplished by mods. But thats my opinion and I want to hear your side of the argument. Thank you for reading and I hope you take my opinion into consideration. If you do, there is more information here:
If not, I have no reason to disagree, I am enjoying your vanilla server anyways, and thank you for accepting me.
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