Obligatory birthday post.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday! I do not posses any cake, but I am sure Kerm or Catherine does Very Happy
Happy Birthday, Raylin.

Obligatory Happy Birthday Post. Happy Birthday You!

Here, have Cake:

We all like to party, right, absolutely, but only the fool would say "yeah, I'll enter the nightmare of cake".

(Warning: video contains Bernard Manning saying "it's a fookin' disgrace" a lot).
I brought the cake! It's to celebrate the book signi-- I mean, the day of your birth Razz
Google Plus says it's your birthday once more, so happy birthday. How's the book? Razz
Happy Birthday!
Google Plus (again!) told me it was your birthday, so for old times' sake, happy birthday! Hope that life is treating you well. Smile
Happy birthday. May all your dreams come true.
The Cemetech user Kydapoot desires to inform you that he hopes that you have enjoyed a satisfying and pleasurable anniversary of your coming into existence.
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